Minor in Public Management

A minor in Public Management consists of 15 credits of upper-division coursework. Of the 15 credits, at least 12 must be earned from FAU. The minor provides the student with a base of knowledge about management issues in government, the application of management principles, administrative and regulatory procedures, due process and administrative ethics. Additionally, the minor exposes the student to specific areas of public management, including public personnel, budgeting and finance and organizational behavior. A minimum grade of “C” is required for each PAD-prefixed course. Grades of “C-” and below cannot be applied to the minor.

Minor Requirements
Complete the following 12 credits:
PAD 3003Public Management and Administration3
PAD 3104Organizational Behavior and Administrative Communication3
PAD 4223*Public Budgeting and Finance3
PAD 4414*Managing People in the Public Sector3
Complete 3 credits from the following:
PAD 4228**Public Budgeting Techniques and Processes3
PAD 4320Program Evaluation in Public Management3
PAD 4332Managing for Excellence in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors3
PAD 4426Public Sector Labor Relations3
PAD 4604*Administrative Process and Ethics3
PAD 4806State and Local Government Administration3
PAD 4931Special Topics3

* Requires PAD 3003 as prerequisite.
** Requires PAD 4223 as prerequisite