Admission Requirements


For admission to this program, students must meet the general admission requirements of the University as described in the “Admissions” section of the catalog. In addition to the general admission requirements, the following courses, or their equivalencies, must have been completed at the lower division level:

General Admission Requirements
POS 1041The Government of the United States3
ECO 2013Macroeconomics Principles3
ISM 2000Information Systems Fundamentals3
STA 2023Introductory Statistics 3

Students admitted without having completed the above prerequisites must complete them early in their junior year.

Advising Guidelines and Practices

For any questions regarding the Bachelor of Public Management degree program, please contact Dr. Alka Sapat (Faculty Advisor) at or at 561-297-0443.

For questions about advising, please contact the College Advising Center at 561-297-2316. To make an appointment with your advisor, please log on to the Success Network/Starfish.